Flashcard Apps and You!

Sept 27th Do you remember the days of labourously hand writing out stacks upon stacks of flashcards in preparation for the 'big test?'  Well those days can be kissed goodbye thanks to some awesome and easy to use flashcard apps!  Flashcard apps are not only a great resource for students to study with independantly at …

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Changing education paradigms

https://youtu.be/zDZFcDGpL4U Check out the original at https://www.ted.com/talks/ken_robinson_changing_education_paradigms Sept 20th,  2016. Hi everyone! This is my first blog post on my education blog for EDCI336.  I am sharing with you a video we watched in our Multiliteracies course yesterday.  "Changing Education Paradigms" is a Ted Talk given by Sir Ken Robinson.  He describes our outdated school system, and …

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