Changing education paradigms

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Sept 20th,  2016.

Hi everyone! This is my first blog post on my education blog for EDCI336.  I am sharing with you a video we watched in our Multiliteracies course yesterday.  “Changing Education Paradigms” is a Ted Talk given by Sir Ken Robinson.  He describes our outdated school system, and links it do a dwindling interest in the arts, and an increase in treated ADHD, all to a live illustration.  Very cool!

It was both fascinating and also a little scary to watch this and reflect on how outdated our school system is.  I almost feel as if I was brainwashed when I was going through high school.  Study, write test, forget everything, repeat.  Studying education while the new curriculum is being implemented is exciting and daunting at the same time.  I need to find ways to break away from the old traditional model of teaching and put more focus on educating students to be critical thinkers.  Challenge accepted!


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