They want to be loved by you ❤

Katie and I with our new robot friend, VGO or Viggo Robotsen (unofficial name)

Today in class, we got to play around with the VGO robot.  It was hilarious, moving around the classroom, and interacting in a robot voice with my colleagues (and accidentally running into them.. sorry Chantal.)

Not only is it COOL and AWESOME to have a robot in the classroom, but it has some seriously useful applications.

  • For students who have injuries, illnesses, immune deficiencies, or other challenges that prevent them from physically being able to attend school, using a VGO to participate in class and school culture and community.
  • Not only can students using VGO  listen in on the class, participate in discussion, and ask questions, but they can also physically move around the halls from class to class.
  • VGO is operated in real time by the student, and runs for a full school day without needing to be charged.
  • This is a great GREAT example of inclusive learning.
  • VGO could also allow out of town, or remote students, to participate in a classroom.
  • It may not be a viable solution for all schools though, as it does cost around 6 grand, and can not go up or down ramps that are too steep, and requires a pretty strong wifi connection.

    All in all, I thought today’s lesson was extremely cool, and futuristic.  I can’t wait to see VGO’s in the classroom, and how this technology will progress and be adapted to fill students needs.


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