Introduction to my Passion Project

What am I going to do for my passion project??

I was so torn for about a month….

I wanted to learn to cook, to play the guitar, to document my past travels in a blog, to classify all the species on Vancouver Island, to learn a new language.

As I switched back and forth, I realized I was feeling quite uninspired.

For a bit of backstory: I recently just moved and I have been quite transicent the past couple years and got rid of a lot of my possessions, including artwork and wall decorations.  The result is, my walls are BARE BARE BARE, and I think it has been one of the factors in my lack of inspiration lately.



I also feel like I haven’t had many creative outlets lately.  Something that I have talked about a lot with my peers is wanting to some how encorporate creativity and art into my science classrooms.  I think it is something that gets overlooked way too often.  Art and science both stem from creativity, and can compliment eachother in beautiful ways.


I decided for my passion project, I was going to aim to do 2 things:

1) Decorate the bare walls in my home


2) Use art as a creative outlet, learn new techniques, and learn how I can express myself.

I don’t have much experience as an artist.  I think I took 1 highschool art elective, but I am aiming to only do projects that are quite accessible and don’t require fancy or expensive materials.  If I can make it, then anyone can.  won’t be taking myself too seriously, but I hope that I will have fun, make some messes, make my walls a bit more colourful.

Bare with me,
& enjoy!


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