Watercolour Maps

For my first project,  I am loosely basing it off of the below picture.  I’ve seen pictures like this all over Pinterest, and I thought to myself… “I can probably make that?”

World Map Watercolor by Michael Tompsett

Michael Tompsett, CC BY 2.0

So I decided to try it out.


-watercolour paper (about $4 for a book of 15 pages from Walmart)
-watercolour paints (** I am meaning to get some new ones for this project, but I ended up using paints I think were school supplies for Middle School -aka they were OLD and some colours were dried up. Now I know for next time!)


1. First thing first, trace an outline of your map in pencil.  I did mine freehand but you could probably trace it out if that worked better for you.
This took SO many attempts… don’t discredit your eraser!

2.  When you have your outline finished…. ERASE IT!  Not all the way though, just so that it is faded enough so that you can still see it, but it’s very faint.


3) Now it’s time to paint!  Since this is my first project, I didn’t bother learning any watercolour techniques (my next project) I just kind of went for it and experimented.  I found that I enjoyed doing the outline first, and then trying to blend my colours in.  I decided to just use two colours, but I think next time when I have better paints I would like to use more colours, like in the very top picture in this post.
I spontaniously decided to splatter some paint on top after I was finished!

4) Hang up and admire you work!  I ended up liking how it turned out so much, that I made one of BC too, home sweet home.
I decorated my roomates door… hope she doesn’t mind!



This project was SO quick and easy..  I think the world map took me about 45… it took about 25 minutes to draw the outline because I kept getting the sizing wrong, (again you could use a tracer to cut back this time), but once I got over my learning curve, I think I did the entire BC picture in about 25 minutes.

To take this to the next level, I think I would add more colours next time.  I think it would also look cool with acryllic paint too, perhaps experimenting with texture and bold colours.


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