All the Sea Stars!

Oct 25, 2016
Todays project was inspired by a couple things:
1) I originally wanted to make my passion project into a blog that classified all the mammals on Vancouver Island (bio nerd here.)  But I was finding it difficult to locate images and information for some of the more unknown local animals.
2) I am doing a my inquiry project on how we can foster creativity in science class.  Whether that is creative problem solving, or finding time to do art, or making abstract connections.

So I decided to focus down my animal enthusiasm, and learn about all the different sea stars that can be found around Vancouver Island.


Selena N. B. H.,  CC BY 2.0

I found an awesome website that is essentially the invertebrate version of what I was originally hoping to create: Guide to Marine Life on North Vancouver Island.


So I decided to focus on sea stars.


I wanted to draw them free-hand in a way that was creative but also representative of their anatomy.


It was also a good opportunity for me to learn their scientific names, and think the features shared between sea stars in the same families;



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