Reflection on Tech I’ve seen in Vic High

Nov 22/16

As we reach the end of our weekly observations at Vic High, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on what I have seen and experienced in the high school.  Looking through a technology lens, I can’t say that I’ve seen too many things that we have talked about in our EDCI336 course.

I have mostly attended science courses as it is my teaching area, and the only technology I have seen in these classes are power-points and over-head projectors for notes, and youtube for videos.  Students mostly take notes, or use the textbook to get information.  I did hear some talk of virtual dissections being offered as an option for students.

I did however, encounter a fully equipped Google Classroom in the Entrepreneurship/Tourism class.  This class takes place on the computers, and students are able to log into their classes (Tourism and Entrepreneurship are two separate classes that run at the same time.) Students I asked told me that they really enjoyed Google Classroom, as it was easy to access, and work on assignments either in the computer lab, or at home too.  They also used Google Docs to collaborate on assignments, either in small groups or as a class-wide document.  Their teacher confessed sometimes this method was occasionally used inappropriately with students goofing off and posting off topic, but for the most part it was a very successful way to collaborate.
Overall, I think I will try to incorporate technology in my lessons IF and only IF it is important for enhancing students learning.  I think it’s detrimental to your teaching practice if you are just including technology for technology’s sake.  I definitely would like to experiment with it thought and see how students react.


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