Watercolour bird & some thoughts

Dec 12/16

I have been so busy with school, holiday festivities, and little trips that I will admit… this passion project has taken a place on the back burner.

I did manage to do a quick water colour painting the other day though & I was quite pleased with the results.

Start of the bird & outline of the branch

I thought maybe I would be done soon after finishing the branch, but then I decided to make it more colourful and exciting – something to distract me from how rainy it was outside.

15435928_10157800076475328_463316629_n.jpgFinished painting 🙂

I still have not explored any techniques in painting, like I had intended to do, but I have learned that painting, and making art, is fun, relaxing, and rewarding for me.

The idea for this passion project was for me to decorate the empty walls of my house, while exploring techniques in art.

In some ways it has been a bit of a flop; I didn’t do as many projects as I wanted to, and I didn’t put much effort or time into learning new tricks & methods.

However, it has also been a great success! I feel a lot more confident and adventurous in my approach to art.  I am not afraid to start a bigger art project now too, because I know that putting in more effort and time can be more rewarding that just doing a quick doodle, which is what I usually do.

I also think that this will be a hobby that I continue to do.  It helps me relax, allows me to express myself, and allows me to be creative and let my imagination run wild.



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