About Me



My name is Kendal Pickstone, and I am a pre-service highschool biology teacher undergoing the PDPP program at UVic.  I also did my biology degree here at UVic, and have actually lived in Victoria most of my life (go Mt. Doug rams!)
I want to be a teacher because I want a career that will allow me to inspire and engage youth.  I want to not only share my love of my subject, but also offer kindness, support, and a good sense of humour with my students.  I hope that I will be able to offer fun and informative classes, and help students be creative, intuitive, and critical.

My personal interests include hiking, riding my bike, exploring, surfing, scuba diving, watching sunsets, eating (but not cooking) delicious food, dog-spotting, hanging out with friends and family, and chasing happiness!