Pull tab Fish

Dec 13 I have been thinking about making a painting of fish using pop can tabs as the scales ever since this project started. I have learned a lot about what motivates me while doing this independent project, and I have noticed the following about how I work: -If there are no grades involved, I …

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Zentangle Shells

        Today's art project is zentangle sea shells! What the heck is zentangle??? (Click the link to learn way more!) The Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. Almost anyone can use it to create beautiful images. It increases focus and creativity, provides …

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Watercolour Maps

For my first project,  I am loosely basing it off of the below picture.  I've seen pictures like this all over Pinterest, and I thought to myself... "I can probably make that?" https://www.flickr.com/photos/wicker-furniture/11458795046/in/photolist-iszjxQ-AYTt3H-c34ZxA-MweYu-bsbDeh-ddyVmw-azRXsP-ddz6LN-6rvD7S-6eYBFY-iM3JPb-9BsNNA-deAM5Z-ddz4cQ-7votY-7vh1MN-jUkxoH-9eLQ5-fHGJFx-Hui5JE-vL94yg-DJfbrE-HNmLKP-GZ23ED-BXgG3f-HRGKth-GZ33sc-GYTGwh-GYUT73-HNoaK4-yiVfD4-GZ2JCV-7nEQzc-4e2oCt-p2jNk9-8pWPmR-zZzFum-A3x8cm-zJ4Prv-4NeaVW-z4Lafs-zM8q8m-z7G1bf-zYqCzS-z4Qduf-zM68Dd-zM69nY-z7G1VS-A5Exyk-A4GQTB Michael Tompsett, CC BY 2.0 So I decided to try it out. MATERIALS: -pencil -eraser -watercolour paper (about $4 for a book …

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